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Creativity, Ritual, Flow & Transformation

Creative and ritualistic practises are about intention and manifestation. Both require deep presence in order to bring something new into the world - either physically or energetically. We tend to honour significant moments in life with ceremonies, which are a kind of temporal architecture that allow us to move through energetic thresholds in a conscious, embodied way.

But of course, our lives are always changing, so a practise of creating moments of deep presence in which we can connect to ourselves and what we desire to let go of and move towards is very powerful. Using natural cycles, such as the moon or the wheel of the year to tune in, review and start anew helps to keep us aligned to our truth as we deal with the many demands of the world.

Similarly, artistic practises are a great way to bring us back to ourselves; to an internal reference point. For, when we ‘lose’ ourselves in the flow of a song, or a painting, or a dance, we are in fact connecting to some essential part of ourselves, which is arguably the very wellspring of our being. That is why experiences of flow are so enlivening - when we move from a place beyond thinking, we dive deep into ourselves, and even beyond ourselves.

Through the experience of presence and focus, flow states help us to transcend the parts of us that are inhibited and afraid, and connect to the part of us that is abundant - full of love and trust and deep knowing.

And each time we have this experience of losing our sense of being small and separate, and entering the flow of the universe in which we feel connected to the timeless and the infinite, we expand our sense of self. This is why flow states are transformational - they help us to re-pattern on many levels…

There is of course much more to say on this subject (if you’re interested check out the references below). What I want to emphasise here is that creative and ritualistic practises are great transformational tools because they call us into deep presence and ask us to experience ourselves in the now, beyond our fears and our fantasies of who we are and who we think we ‘should’ be. Through them we meet ourselves in the moment, naked.

This is why I like to use expressive tools in my coaching practise. The imagination of each of my clients is completely unique, and always reveals aspects of their consciousness that we wouldn’t get to through talking.

Creativity is the language of the soul, and so if I want to speak to that deeper part in myself and others, I need to use the arts.

My online programme Soul Path is part course/ part coaching journey/ part artistic residency. I encourage each participant to bring an intention to the space - something you want to create, either in yourself or in the world. The programme is an opportunity for you to explore what’s possible for you in the context of this intention, as well as the patterns of self-sabotage that may be obstructing you from realising it. Our final session acts as a closing ceremony and threshold moment in which what has been learned or created can be shared and received, thereby making it real.

Whether or not you currently identify as being a creative person, if you like the idea of exploring and expressing yourself through your creative and imaginative practises, check out the course, or feel free to get in touch about one to one work.


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