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The Three Questions

There are three fundamental questions that guide all of my one-to-one work…

1. Who are you most essentially?

Whenever I start working with a new client, the primary question I feel into is ‘who is this being most essentially?’ And I have a number of tools to help reveal what is innate in someone and what is most important to them; ie. what they hold sacred.

The question of who you are ‘most essentially’ points towards your core - the specific qualities of your being that give rise to your unique gifts and the medicine you hold for the world... It is probing deeper than the question of ‘who are you?’ Which could be answered at the level of personal biography...

But biography and identity are not the same thing. Biography is the story of your identity meeting the world.

Your true identity - your sacred essence - exists outside of time and is the place. It is the ground of your being and as such it is the place you must return to when you need to replenish your vital energy and recalibrate your direction in life.

Connecting to soul essence is the cornerstone of the work I do because once you feel connected to your essence, it becomes quite clear what you need to do... dilemmas that involve ‘wrong headed’ assumptions of what 'should' and 'shouldn’t' be done fall away when we are aligned to our soul purpose.

2. What is emerging?

The next important question in all of my client work is ‘what is emerging?’ From a psycho-spiritual perspective, our deeper self is always trying to emerge... Even (perhaps especially) when we are experiencing challenges.

Our difficulties offer us the opportunity to work through our shadows and wounds; and through our struggle, for a deeper understanding of what it means to be human to emerge... Indeed for most of us our own suffering is our greatest teacher. So whether someone comes to me full of despair, or just a bit frustrated and eager for more from life, the question ‘what wants to emerge?’ will guide our process.

I am seeking to understand what the client’s circumstance may be revealing about who they are and how they approach life.... and what desires and emotions are bubbling away underneath the surface, longing to be expressed.

If someone comes to me for coaching, I know they are ready to start listening to those deeper desires. Our work will be about tuning into their deeper calling and also noticing the mindsets and defence mechanisms that sabotage it expression.

3. What is your next step?

It’s very common to experience the gap between where you are and where you want to be as so big you simply don’t know where to begin...

And so you don’t begin. And your unrealised potential begins to eat away at you... you know that you’ve got SO MUCH MORE to offer the world, but feel trapped by life’s constant demands and aren’t sure how to make the leap towards the greater creative freedom that you desire.

...So your ideas remain ideas and your dreams remain dreams as the world keeps spinning and turning days into nights and nights into days...

I was there for many years, until I realised that change only comes when we’re willing to meet the raw potential of each moment with everything we’ve got… even when we don’t feel ‘ready’... Because the thing is we’ll never have it all figured out. But we have to be willing to rumble with the universe & see what happens when we risk exposing ourselves in pursuit of our tender, heartfelt truth.

It’s a vulnerable thing to go after your deeper calling & it can provoke deep fears of being misunderstood, rejected & humiliated... and of failing at the thing that you want the most. What could be more painful? But of course, the greatest victories are hard won and cannot be owned unless we are willing to risk ourselves in pursuing them...

So what is your next move? Are you ready to rumble with life and make a leap towards greater creative freedom?

If you're curious about working with me one-to-one, you can book a free discovery call here.


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