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What is Psycho-spiritual Coaching?

Traditional psychology has tended to pathologise spiritual experiences as they challenge the dominant ideology of scientific materialism, but psycho-spiritual psychology takes as its central tenet the view that we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’…

Within this view, it is thought that the human unconscious contains not just the lower drives outlined by Freud, but also our latent ‘higher potential’ - ie. our creativity and capacity to heal.

In psychosynthesis, there is the idea that the repression of this higher potential disturbs us in the same way that repressed emotion and trauma does, The deepest part of us knows that it’s here for more than a mundane existence and won’t be satisfied with a life that doesn’t fulfil its desire for meaning and beauty.

My work is about helping people connect to their most essential selves, so they can unlock their highest potential and live lives full of joy, meaning and satisfaction.

This photo is of me as the cosmic priestess - an alter-ego I created in 2020. She represents the archetypal dimension of my coaching work - that of holding sacred space for the emergence of spirit.The cosmic priestess sees the light in everything and everyone and beckons people into deeper encounter with themselves and their existence. She knows all souls came here to play and she wants them to stop hiding and start enjoying the ride!

In the psycho-spiritual perspective, we are ‘citizens of two realms’ (heaven & earth) or ‘starry beings in bone houses’, and this duality characterises the human condition.

From this understanding comes the psychosynthesis coaching model of ‘Trifocal Vision’. Through trifocal vision, we see both the starry essence of a being (their gifts and potential), and their human suffering (where they are caught), and we work ‘in the gap’ to find the next step that will support our client’s unfolding in alignment with their values and goals.

Coaching is about recognising the gap between where we are and where we want to be and translating the distance between the two into manageable steps.

The first and most important part of this is getting clear on your values, meaning & purpose. What do you want for your life? What are you here to do? What unique gifts and wisdom do you have to offer the world? Once you have clarity on the direction of your souls mission, you can start intentionally cultivating a life that will allow it to flourish.

And here’s where the work really begins! As we bump up against all of our fears of rejection and humiliation and inadequacy... and need to find the courage to choose to commit to ourselves again & again and keep carving the path that honours our deepest truth & wildest expression NO MATTER WHAT.

If you're curious about working with me one-to-one, you can book a free discovery call here.


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